Young Adult Road Map

Adulting Simplified.

Sooner or later, every young adult gets asked THE QUESTION.  “What do you want to DO?? What do you want to BE?? What are your PLANS??” Transitioning from a young adult to an adult can be difficult, confusing, and overwhelming. Knowing where to start can make all the difference.

Young Adult Road Map creates opportunities that enable people in their teens and twenties to ask a more functional question:  What everyday life do I want to live? Through a step-by-step Guiding Star method, they can learn to set goals based on their personal concerns, find the information they need, gain skills in managing their personal data, and build relationships with people who will walk beside them in the journey to independent living.

We train Coaches to bring Young Adult Road Map to communities from Maine to Guam. Click here to learn more about how we train providers to utilize this adaptable learning tool with young adults in settings such as secondary education, college disability services, Wraparound, support groups, and therapeutic applications..

Flip through the Young Adult Road Map Guide below.