Five TUFF Tasks & Other Resources


Resources of interest

FIVE TUFF TASKS (PowerPoint Presentation by the TUFF Learning Collaborative, 2017) Discuss:

  • Five major tasks required to navigate any system
  • Five elements that support family empowerment
  • Five-step plan for engaging partnership between providers and families.

Review of Literature for TUFF Road Map Training Operationalizing Family Empowerment” by Heather S. Wallace, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Tennessee.

  • Explores the evidence base for family empowerment used to develop the Team Up for Your Child Road Map curriculum.
  • The evidence suggests that an interwoven braiding of five elements (values, attitudes, knowledge, skills, and beliefs) support the empowerment of families to interact with systems and providers on an equal basis, in order to get the best services for their children.


Strategies for navigating special needs services