Family Road Map Workshops


Michelle Hill and Rebecca Williamson, Road Map workshop Maine, April 4, 2015

 View a presentation about Family Road Map and the evidence base for family empowerment interventions

Family Road Map is an interactive  curriculum that uses games, teamwork and teach-to-learn methods to help parents/caregivers practice family-tested strategies for navigating child and adolescent service systems.

The Family Road Map guide is the text for this class, which covers knowledge and skills for working with doctors, schools, insurers, and social agencies. (The Spanish version of the Road Map curriculum, Hoja de Ruta, is available for bilingual trainers.  For details,  contact Wendy Besmann.)

The class is taught by TUFF’s  National Learning Collaborative of certified peer trainers working  within agencies, family organizations, and System of Care communities nationwide.  To learn about training TUFF Family Road Map trainers in your own community,  contact Wendy Besmann.
























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