Road Map Guides

Road Map® Series Guides

Family Road Map and Young Adult Road Map Guides are organized into simple, practical strategies that get people on a path to the services and support they need most. Road Map Series Guides provide a step-by-step Guiding Star method that builds self-help skills for: 

  1. Breaking down complicated situations into tasks you can handle.
  2. Finding information that matters to your unique needs.
  3. Communicating your strengths and concerns effectively to providers of services.
  4. Organizing records, tracking progress, asking effective questions, and understanding the data that is used to make decisions about treatment or education services.
  5. Building relationships that lead to the best services and support.

Family Road Map helps parents and other family caregivers break through the confusion of finding special needs services.

Young Adult Road Map helps people in their teens and twenties make everyday living simpler and find a path to the future they want.

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