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Family Road Map Curriculum:  The Team Up for Your Child Family Workbook and Road Map Workshops

When a child has serious problems, the family lands in a strange, scary TeamUp-ENG (2)new world. The systems they encounter, such as community health centers, schools, insurance companies and social agencies, can have really confusing rules and processes. Worse still, each of these professional organizations can only see one specialized part of a child’s situation, rather than the big picture. It’s easy to feel lost.

Team Up For Your Child gives family caregivers a practical road map for navigating this new world so a child’s services are more coordinated and effective. Written by the mother of a child with autism and bipolar disorder, this 100-page guide is filled with charts and checklists that turn a bewildering mess into tasks a family can handle.  It provides clear definitions of key terms used by doctors, schools, insurers, and social agencies.  Simple worksheets help a families track a child’s treatment progress, along with “family-tested” tips for building a stronger medical and education plan.


Wendy demonstrates the book to Karen Roddie during a presentation at a Chicago inner city school.


Team Up For Your Child is used in the Road Map workshop series, which guides families and child-serving professionals through a simple, practical method for navigating service systems in order to obtain the best services for children with special emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs.  The workbook is also available in Spanish as Colaboración: Lo mejor para su hijo.  More about Road Map workshops.



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