When a child has serious problems, the family lands in a strange, scary new world. The systems they encounter, such as community health centers, schools, insurance companies and social agencies, can have really confusing rules and processes. Worse still, each of these professional organizations can only see one specialized part of a child’s situation, rather than the big picture. It’s easy to feel lost. Rules and providers change. How do you find your way in a world where the landmarks keep shifting. Our solution is to use your Guiding Star–five tasks that will keep you on track no matter what system you must navigate.

View a brief slide presentation about Family Road Map’s Guiding Star

The Family Road Map guide and curriculum contains family-tested tips and strategies built around the five points of this Guiding Star:

  1. Set Goals
  2. Learn System Basics
  3. Build Relationships
  4. Manage Information
  5. Find Support

The sixth chapter is a “Guiding Star Close-Up on the complex system of special education. The final chapter is a glossary of key terms and acronyms in health, education, and insurance systems.