Who We Are


Family Road Map Institute creates multimedia opportunities that enable families and young adults to learn strategic thinking about life’s big messy situation. Our step-by-step Guiding Star method makes it possible to break down complex situations into manageable tasks. Learners can develop skills for finding information that matters to their needs and building relationships that leads to solutions and support. We offer one-day and two-day training programs that certify Facilitators and Coaches to implement our Family Road Map and Young Adult Road Map guided curricula in workshops, support groups, coaching, case management, and Wraparound environments.

All Certified Master Trainers, Facilitators, and Coaches become members in Family Road Map Institute’s National Learning Collaborative, helping to create, test, and refine our learning tools in order to help families and young adults get the services and support they need.


Our vision:  A world in which people have the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to meet their unique needs.


We support the efforts and mission of the non-profit, family advocacy organization Team Up For Families. TUFF’s mission is to explore what happens when families, young adults, and other learner groups have opportunities to think strategically about complex life situations.  TUFF seeks to identify the important questions within this field and assess the impact of this process on the ability of these groups to meet their unique their needs.