About The Guiding Star



The core of Family Road Map Institute’s philosophy is the Guiding Star—five tasks that keep people on the right road to finding helping and support no matter which system they must navigate. The Guiding Star works because people in systems tend to behave in very predictable ways.  In any system, people use special words and phrases.  They build relationships.  They exchange important pieces of information.   When you understand the basic principles of how people operate in systems, you find that certain types of strategies get very dependable results.  Family Road Map not only empowers families with basic knowledge about how systems operate—it also provides simple, practical tips and techniques suggested by others who share their experience in navigating special needs systems.

In Family Road Map and Young Adult Road Map programs, participants can learn skills that enable them to:

  1.  Set Goals
  2.  Learn System Basics
  3. Build Relationships
  4. Manage Information
  5. Find Support

Family Road Map Institute uses this step-by-step Guiding Star structure in the Family Road Map and Young Adult Road Map curricula for the benefit of families, young adults, and service providers.. We know that families and young adults have unique needs. We also understand that providers have specific needs when working with families and youth to help them solve life’s complex situations. We customize our trainings to meet the specific needs of providers in different environments who work directly with families and/or young adults.

The Family Road Map curriculum is designed with adaptable components that can be

  • taught as one-hour units in a short course,
  • included in support group programming, or
  • used with individual families as a “deep dive” resource for case management, peer support, or Wraparound services.