Melton Hill Media LLC

Melton Hill Media LLC is a small family-driven publishing company started in 2007 by Wendy Besmann to produce her workbook Team Up for Your Child, A Step-By-Step Guide to Working Smarter with Doctors, Schools, Insurers, and Agencies. She felt (as so many special needs mother do) that she was “just a mom” and nobody would want to publish what she had to say.  Ten years and two editions later, the book is still selling nationwide and is now part of the broader Road Map and Team Up for Your Child Chapter-By-Chapter curricula published by Melton Hill Media and taught by certified peer trainers and facilitators nationwide.  “We’re all just moms–dads–grandparents, foster-parents, you-name-it family members trying to get the best services for children,” Wendy says now.  “We need to value our lived experience–and pass on its wisdom.”  Other members of the TUFF National Learning Collaborative, such as NLC Lead Keva Clark, have become contributors and co-authors on Melton Hill Media curriculum materials.  Gradually, we are including new voices to share the “family-tested strategies” that help us navigate systems and get the best services.

Strategies for navigating special needs services